This website is dedicated to fact-checking the book “Doctoring Data” by Dr. Malcolm Kendrick. The book makes the claim, based on many examples, that a vast number of medical interventions are not based on proven efficacy or even have shown to be harmful. Given that historically this has often been the case, it cannot be dismissed out of hand. The aim of this website is the independently evaluate the examples given by Dr Kendrick. This website is currently under construction.

There are past medical mistakes, interventions that increase mortality, which have persisted for long periods. Given this history, allegations that more current treatments fall under this category cannot be dismissed out of hand. Examples of know past mistakes can be found here.

The aim of this website will be to extract all claims about current treatments in Dr. Kendricks book and attempt a comprehensive review of current evidence. Based on this, the claims can be categorized as true, unproven/inconclusive  and false.  This website has just been set up and help will be needed for this fact checking. If you wish to help, please look at the outline, in the forum or get in touch: edgar@fact-checking-doctoring-data.esy.es .